Hello There


My name is Eunice! I am a desert dweller and photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. I am married to my amazing husband, Daniel, who has supported and encouraged all of my creative sides. You can usually find us at 8,000 ft or higher, and if we are not hiking we are most likely eating since we are huge foodies.  I wish I was your healthy dairy-free,vegan, gym gal but I’m not. I would give anything for a bowl of warm brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! I was determined to make that my wedding cake but unfortunately 5-year old desserts are not a thing at most weddings.

I thrive connecting with people and cultivating raw emotional, unforgettable moments. I want the only difference of when I am photographing you to be that my camera is out. So whether we are chatting in the back seat on our way to a location or photographing in front of an epic sunset, who you are at all moments is who I desire to meet and capture.

Let’s connect, let’s build a friendship, and let’s capture your awesome memories. Whether you are getting married, engaged, graduating, got a new haircut, a growing family or possibly any other reason you want some awesome life memories documented, let me be there with you!